I think i will use a second paperbox of my last smartphone for the second camera build. I have two printers, enough raspberry stuff, and enough electronics. This time i will use a bigger TFT, a raspi3 and two li-ion cells

Following things have to be done in/on the case:

  • Holes / Openings
    • SD-card
    • cameramodul
    • IR-sensor
    • LED for shoot
    • button for shoot
    • button for shutdown
    • display loading board
    • button on/off with rubber topping for loading board. But is there enough space for the rubber button?
  • Manipulations
    • mounting of the loading board. How?
    • some paperstripes to keep raspi in place
    • some paperstripes under mounting holes raspi for using screws
    • glue some pieces of wood as holder and screwing points for the plate with the li-ion cells
  • Misc stuff
    • maybe use for the shutdown button a smaller button, which are soldered on circuits
    • use an old 40pin IDE cabel, that is long enough, when box is opened
    • shorten printer USB cabel and desolder VCC cabel
    • get some small screws from old cdroms
    • solder the eneloop cells together and glue them direct into the box, but take care there is enough space for the wood parts for the battery floor
    • solder the TFT cabels direct with IDE cabel