• Undervoltage
  • If not connected to a WIFI network, the OS does not know the time. However, this has not been properly tested yet to confirm if it's indeed a problem.

Improvements in the Case

  • Solder the TFT cable directly, making it flatter and providing more room in the case.
  • Instead of jumper cables, use an old IDE hard drive cable for the GPIO, providing more space and preventing individual pins from slipping.

Future Expansion Possibilities

  • Solve undervoltage issues with a different Step-Up circuit.
  • Use GPS positioning from a mobile phone to geotag images.

Environmental and Personal Safety

  • Bluish receipts have the advantage of being safe for health, lasting for 35 years, and being recyclable with paper waste. Common white paper rolls contain Bisphenol-A or -S and must be disposed of in general waste. First tests shows that the printer that i use dont accept the blue paper. More tests showing that the pictures dont look good on the blue paper.